SWITCHMAS * (Video Release USA 2012)

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a movie, first released at film festivals, DVD, and then to Netflix—tells an appealing story about two children who switch places over the holidays to experience two different cultures’ holiday traditions. The movie has its own merits and maintains a Hallmark Channel-type appeal. It’s a nice holiday weeknight watch for the whole family, but doesn’t have that classic holiday appeal.

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Jewish Ira J. Finkelstein (Elijah Nelson) wants to celebrate Christmas instead of Hanukkah. On a plane layover, Ira meets Mikey Amato (Justin Thomas Howell) who thinks Hanukkah would be more fun to celebrate because there are 8 nights of presents instead of one night of presents. The two boys switch clothes and IDs, board the plane, and Ira is off to Washington state while Mikey is off to Florida state.

Additional Thanks

Thank you to Director Sue Corcoran for directing efforts. Thank you to Executive Producers Sally Bany, Elizabeth Rudolf, and Gary Allen Tucci for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast include: Sam Finkelstein (Elliott Gould), Max Finkelstein (David DeLuise), Ira J. Finkelstein (Elijah Nelson), Mikey Amato (Justin Thomas Howell), Libby Wilson (Cynthia Geary), Rosie Finkelstein (Angela DiMarco), Clare Wilson (Shaye Hodgins), Jennifer Cameo (Julianne Christie), and Jessica Wilson (Jenna Levin).

Buy a ticket? Yes? No? Maybe?

Maybe. The film is cute and moves along fairly well; but waivers in its credibility due to the many conditions that are introduced into the story in order to make it happen and move it along to its next chapter.

* Also known as "All I Want Is Christmas" or "Ira Finkelstein's Christmas"

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