BILLY JACK (Theatrical Release USA 1971)

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Billy Jack
is rated as a PG film, but seems more on the end of PG-13 to R rated film for violence, nudity, and sexual scenes. It is a graphic and sad story of Native American discrimination and justice ill served. The acting in this film is so real that the audience will feel they are there watching scenes unfold. It is the second release of four films relating to Billy Jack. The script is good. The message seems as if it is stuck in another place, period, and time. Despite the extreme sadness of this story, it is a need to watch for an adult audience.

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Native American Billy Jack (Tom Laughlin) defends a school that fights for Native American freedom. But, the school is suppressed by a town who does not want this type of education to flourish.

Additional Thanks

Thank you to Director Tom Laughlin for his directing efforts. Thank you to Producer Tom Laughlin for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast include: Billy Jack (Tom Laughlin), Jean Roberts (Delores Taylor), Sheriff Cole (Clark Howat), Doctor (Victor Izay), Barbara (Julie Webb), Kit (Debbie Schock), Carol (Teresa Kelly), Sarah (Lynn Baker), and Martin (Stan Rice).

Buy a ticket? Yes? No? Maybe?

Maybe. It’s a tough story that needs to be watched for eye-opening understanding, but takes some ‘guts’ to get through.

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