A NEW ECONOMY (Windsor International Film Festival Release Windsor Ontario Canada 2016)

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A New Economy—
stimulating philosophy—keeps begging the question how does the New Economy currently sustain itself within the economy at large? Not much is said here about the mathematical analysis of this philosophy. Before Ben Meyers establishes this movie review as a purely ‘cretan’ view that completely misses the point of the film, this single, simple addition to the documentary would move it out of the philosophical into the reality of the material. ‘Getting back to nature’ has merit. Is the cooperative, getting back to nature model actually new or is it business as usual with a new name? Are the products readily sold? Are these businesses standing on their own or are they considerably supported by revenue which they themselves did not generate? Are the products themselves better than what is already marketed and if so, in what way? It is unclear about the purpose of the musical band. How does this New Economy help/advantage our population at large?

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The film uses phrases such as cooperate, New Economy, socially responsible, fresh start, open business model, non-traditional business models, people-friendly, revolutionary businesses, local sustainable, democracy, open value network, peer-to-peer organization, cooperative values, and base principles to define its ‘New Economy’. The film introduces several businesses who exemplify and define the adopted business language.

Additional Thanks

Thank you to Director Trevor Meier for directing effort. Thank you to Producers Trevor Meier and Melanie Wood for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast include: Himself (Michael Ableman), Herself (Sabina Ali), Himself (Gar Alperovitz), Himself (Tiberius Brastaviceanu), Himself (John Fullerton), Himself (Ben Knight), Herself (Jessy Kate Schlinger),and Himself (Richard Sennett).

Buy a ticket? Yes? No? Maybe?

Maybe. It’s one of those required viewing films because it touches on a proposed experimental business model that needs assessment. Is this a new model or an old model operating under a new name? How is this model finding its place among other established models? Will it have long term sustainability and if it does, what evolutionary pattern will it follow to ensure that sustainability? And, when it finally establishes itself as a viable entity, what will it be? Will it have evolved itself into something quite recognizable or will it truly be different? It’s stimulating to study and watch the progress of something touted as ‘new’.

Ben Meyers

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