KICKBOXER (Theatrical Release USA 1989)

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lacks the punch of other martial arts movies like the Ip Man series, but highlights the skills of kickboxing as well as the training involved when Van Damme makes the decision to kickbox professionally. Tremendous appreciation for the sport ensues as Van Damme shows the limberness needed for kickboxing. His ability to twist and move limbs reminds one of an action figure in the hands of a three-year-old who can manipulate action figure limbs into unbelievable positions.

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Kurt Sloane (Jean-Claude Van Damme) vows to avenge his brother who is brutally assaulted in a Thai professional kick boxing arena.

Additional Thanks

Thank you to Directors Mark DiSalle and David Worth for directing efforts. Thank you to Producer Mark DiSalle for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast include: Eric Sloane (Dennis Alexio), Xian Chow (Dennis Chan), Tong Po (Michel Oissi), Winston Taylor (Haskell V. Anderson III), Mylee (Rochelle Ashana), Freddy Li (Ka Ting Lee), Tao Liu (Richard Foo), Big Thai Man (Ricky Liu), Huge Village Man #1 (Ho-Ying Sin), Huge Village Man #2 (Tony Chan), U.S. Announcer (Brad Kerner), and U.S. Announcer (Dean Harrington).

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Yes. This is a good watch for Jean-Claude Van Damme fans. 

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