BUFFALO SOLDIERS (Television Release USA 1997)

Ben Meyers’ rating: 1.9|5.0 Starsì

Buffalo Soldiers
lacks continuity of story, contains random scenes that fail logical connection, and fails to provide back story so the audience knows exactly what the problems are. Why are both black and white soldiers involved in the solution is only one of the questions that plague audience minds as the story plays itself into a completely disorganized mess. Danny Glover, poorly casted into this film, acts confused along with the rest of the cast throughout the movie. The movie is a waste of time and money.

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The Buffalo Soldiers war with Apache Chief Victorio in a rough Arizona environment.

Additional Thanks

Thank you to Director Charles Haid for directing effort. Thank you to Executive Producers Pen Densham, David R. Ginsburg, Danny Glover, Richard Barton Lewis, and John Watson for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast include: Corporal Sea (Lamont Bentley), General Pike (Tom Bower), Major Robert Carr (Timothy Busfield), Gabriel Casseus, Sergeant Washington Wyatt (Danny Glover), Colonel Benjamin Grierson (Bob Gunton), Andrew Boyer (Keith Jefferson), Captain Oren Draper (Robert Knott), John Horse (Carl Lumbly), and Clifton Powell.

Buy a ticket? Yes? No? Maybe?

No. The movie performs far below standard. A better watch is: Geronimo: An American Legend.

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