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Asteroid Vs Earth—
sci fi movie with actor Robert Davi (License to Kill)—comes off as a bunch of kids, with cameras, trying to break into the big leagues while bypassing the time and experience necessary to produce good entertainment. The movie makes a good try, but doesn’t deliver.

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A dangerous plan develops to avoid a deadly meteor shower.

Additional Thanks

Thank you to Director Christopher Ray for directing effort. Thank you to Executive Producer David Rimawi for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast include: Marissa Knox (Tia Carrere), Lieutenant Commander Chase Seward (Jason Brooks), Captain Rogers (Tim Russ), Chief of the Boat (Darin Cooper), Lieutenant Rouse (Robert R. Shafer), Terry (Craig Blair), General Masterson (Robert Davi), Chief Warrant Officer Mason (Gerald Webb), Sonar Lead Petty Officer (Melvin Gregg), and Navigator (Theresa June-Tao).

Buy a ticket? Yes? No? Maybe?

No. The acting and portrayal are not as good as they can be with these actors. There’s not enough story to put a script together.

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