BURNING (Video Release Australia 2021)

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Burning—documentary about Australia on fire—graphically records fire devastation to landscape and to human/animal habitat. The camera crew does an outstanding job addressing the effects of fire. The documentary needs to increase effectiveness by addressing power line arcing, human error, eucalyptus forest's high volatility, and controlled burnings that can escape along with a thorough examination of the history of fire in Australia rather than focus on this event as a phenomena rather than a regular feature of this land. The movie comes off as a message movie due to this failure. 

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A documentation of Australia’s 2019/2020 fires. 

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Thank you to Director Eva Orner for directing effort. Thank you to Executive Producers Howard Owens and Ben Silverman for making the film possible. Characters/cast include:  Scott Morrison, Daisy Jeffrey, Bruce Pascoe,  Rebecca Mcgowan, Mary Ayliffe, Roly Stokes, and Michael Harrington. 

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Maybe. The film continually contributes the cause of the 2019/2020 fires to climate change, but fails to address adequately the fact that these fires have occurred for millions of years in Australia and are a regular feature of the landscape. Another failure is the movie offers little practical advice about preventing or at least diminishing the repetition of this event. 

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