WONDER MAN (Theatrical Release USA 1945)

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Wonder Man
—cute, simple story—uses an old technique of one actor playing two parts, a brother and his twin, to tell its story. As used in this movie, it works very well as the two brothers have completely different personalities and lifestyles and thus gives Danny Kaye a wide range in which to display his talent. While not a belly laugh type of comedy, the movie does serve fare for a good chuckle here and there. 

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The ghost of a murdered man comes back to help his brother solve the murder. 

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Thank you to Director Bruce Humberstone for directing effort. Thank you to Samuel Goldwyn for making the film possible. Characters/cast include: Edwin Dingle/Buzzy Bellew (Danny Kaye), Ellen Shanley (Virginia Mayo), Midge Mellon (Vera-Ellen), Monte Rossen (Donald Woods), Schmidt (S.Z. Sakall), Chimp (Allen Jenkins), Torso (Edward Brophy), Ten Grand Jackson (Steve Cochran), and District Attorney (Otto Kruger). 

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Yes. This movie is an especially good study of the comedic talents of Danny Kaye as well as the acting abilities of Vera Ellen (White Christmas). For Danny Kaye fans, the movie serves as perfect entertainment. 

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