NIGHTBOOKS (Internet Release 2021)

 Ben Meyers’ rating: 4.1|5.0 Starsìììì 

Nightbooks—creepy flick for horror movie fans—serves fresh, creative entertainment fare that expands on the Hansel and Gretel fairytales. The costuming, makeup, background staging, and special effects are especially outstanding and original. Terrific new acting talent coming up can be seen in the character interpretations performed by Winslow Fegley and Lydia Jewett. The movie moves along well with no flagging in entertainment value.

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A young horror writer comes into contact with a real witch. 

Additional Thanks 

Thank you to Director David Yarovesky for directing effort. Thank you to Executive Producers Rob Tapert and Jeanette Volturno for making the film possible. Characters/cast include: Alex (Winslow Fegley), Mom (Jess Brown), Dad (Mathieu Bourassa), Natacha (Krysten Ritter), Lenore (Cleo/Trixie), Yasmin (Lidya Jewett), and Todd (Luxton Handspiker). 

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Yes. The movie appeals to the intellect and imagination. It deserves its monetary investment and the time taken to watch it.

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