HOME TEAM (Netflix Release USA 2022)

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Home Team—
WOW! What a way to kick off the 2022 football season!—proves, beyond any doubt, that Kevin James can pull drama out of his skill sets as easily as he pulls comedy. Don’t expect comedy from this film. Expect a very good, hardcore football coach who knows how to win and gets wins out of any team he coaches. Watch for Taylor Lautner. Outstanding performances by the supporting cast.

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When a head coach gets suspended from coaching for a year, he goes home to coach his son’s team. 

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Thank you to Directors Charles and Daniel Kinnane for directing effort. Thank you to Executive Producers Barry Bernardi, Todd Lewis, and Judit Maull for making the film possible. Characters/cast include: Sean Payton (Kevin James), Troy Lambert (Taylor Lautner), Jamie (Rob Schneider), Beth (Jackie Sandler), and (Gary Valentine). 

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Yes. Very, very well-done sports movie. Excellent watch.

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