GAMERA VS ZIGRA * (Theatrical Release Japan 1971)

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Gamera Vs Zigra—Japanese with English subtitles—is a good study of how entertainment technology changed from the 1960s to the 1970s in Japan, especially camera work. Gamera stories have not changed much through the years. The basic story is: On a day when Japan is in trouble, Gamera must save the day. The threatening opponents take a variety of different shapes and names. The interest factor comes in the ‘new’ threat and how it is dealt with by Gamera. The movies are simple, straightforward, and sweet. Children can watch them and be a little terrified, but not too much. 

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Gamera has alien trouble. 

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Thank you to Director Noriaki Yuasa for directing effort. Thank you to Producers Sandy Frank, Yoshihiko Manabe, and Hidernasa Nagata for making the film possible. Characters/cast include: Dr. Tom Wallace (Koji Fujiyama), Daigo Inoue, Kiyoko Ishikawa (Reiko Kasahara), Daihachi Kita, Goro Kumon, Shin Minatsu, Doctor (Akira Natsuki), Jigura (Voice of Kei’ichi Noda), Dr. Yosuke Ishikawa (Isamu Saeki), Kenichi Ishikawa (Yasushi Sakagami), Mrs. Ishikawa (Mikiko Tsubouchi), Woman X (Eiko Yanami), Yoshio Yoshido, Margie Wallace (Arlene Zoellner), and Helen Wallace (Gloria Zoellner). 

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Yes. The movie performs as a small dive into Japanese culture that is easy and fun. 

* Also Known As: Gamera tai Shinkai kaijû Jigura

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