A BRILLANT YOUNG MIND * (Theatrical Release United Kingdom 2015)

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A Brilliant Young Mind—good watch—presents Asa Butterfield’s outstanding acting skills  within a framework of a story that greatly needs telling. The movie actively works to support and give courage to families raising autistic children. Sally Hawkins, as the mother to Asa Butterfield’s character, performs outstandingly. The addition of Rafe Spall to this story is terrific. The movie is a beautiful watch that has been exceptionally written, directed, and acted.

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An autistic young man must work through mental turmoil to find his contributing place in life. 

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Thank you to Director Morgan Matthews for directing efforts. Thank you to Producers David Thompson and Laura Hastings-Smith for making the film possible. Characters/cast include: Nathan Ellis (Asa Butterfield), Martin Humphreys (Rafe Spall), Julie Ellis (Sally Hawkings), Richard (Eddie Marsan), Zhang Mei (Jo Yang), Luke Shelton (Jake Davies), Rebecca (Alexa Davies), Michael Ellis (Martin McCann), Isaac Cooper (Alex Lawther), and Young Nathan Ellis (Edward Baker-Close). 

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Yes. High caliber movie that seamlessly works to both entertain and inform. Excellent addition to the home library. Intriguing and completely worth watching. 

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