ELOISE AT CHRISTMASTIME (Television Release USA 2003)

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Eloise at Christmastime—second Installment of the Eloise film series—was exclusively featured in the Wonderful World of Disney TV Show in the 2003 Season 45, Episode 6. The movie is cute with good acting and presentation. The film is what is expected from this movie series. Good to see Julie Andrews as the nanny. She brings back a flood of good memories which enhance this film’s entertainment potential. This is a particularly good watch for children.

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Eloise plays matchmaker at Christmastime. 

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Thank you to Director Kevin Lima for directing effort. Thank you to Producers Thomas D. Adelman and Christine Sacani for making the film possible. Characters/cast include: Nanny (Julie Andrews), Eloise (Sofia Vassilieva), Sir Wilkes (Kenneth Welsh), Maggie (Debra Monk), Bill (Gavin Creel), Brooks (Rick Roberts), Rachel Peabody (Sara Topham), Mrs. Thornton (Corinne Conley), Prunella Stickler (Christine Baranski), Mr. Salomone (Jeffrey Tambor), Head of Housekeeping (Araxi Arslanian), Miss Thompson (Tannis Burnett), Agent Kringle (Neil Crone), Lily (Arlene Duncan), and Rick (Sean Gallagher).

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Yes. This simple movie runs on an old story theme, but because Julie Andrews plays the part of the nanny  and Sofia Vassilieva does such a good job in her part as Eloise it becomes a sweet family watch for bedtime or as an afternoon entertainment piece. Good supporting cast. 

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