DRUNKEN MASTER (Theatrical Release Hong Kong 1978 Re-released in Theaters USA 1993)

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Drunken Master—good teen/adult share film—is the first in a series of two films that has a third film in the series with remarkably different content. Completely worth watching, Drunken Master shows Jackie Chan in a rougher mode than later films depict him. He demonstrates great acrobatics and body exercises that are little known in the western world. The only criticism is the overwhelming presentation of fighting scenes to the point where the movie loses its storyline and makes the movie seem a bit bland at times. But, this small criticism is erased due to the remarkable techniques and moves of the Drunken Master’s fighting styles. The dubbing does not always match the mouth movements well, but the quality of the movie quickly overcomes this small fault. This movie more than earns the time and money

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A young man finally learns that he needs discipline and enrolls under a demanding martial arts instructor.

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Thank you to Director Yuen Woo-ping for directing effort.  Thank you to Producer Ng See Yuen for making the film possible. Characters/cast include: Wong Fei-hung (Jackie Chan), Beggar-So (Yuen Siu-Tin), Thunderleg Yen Tie Hsin (Hwang Jang-Lee), and Professor Kai-Hsin (Dean Shek). 

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Yes. This younger version of Jackie Chan shows some of his best fight techniques. The acting quality is more than worth watching. The storyline is simple, entertaining, and completely watchable. This Chinese/Hong Kong entertainment easily crosses international borders to delight and entertain. The movie uses both subtitles and voice dubbing for English-speaking audiences. 

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