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Phil Tippett: Mad Dreams and Monsters—worth watching bio-pic documentary—educates its audience about the process of stop motion and go-motion animation by using the example of top-notch animator Phil Tippett. While this movie may be of high-level interest to film schools as an easy introduction to this type of animation and how it was used in high profile movies, like Star Wars, the film can also be highly appreciated by movie enthusiasts and film buffs. The documentary is well presented, has good interviews, and has high educational value. A viewer may wish for a little more in-depth review of Phil Tippet’s personal life, but know Mr. Tippet’s wife chose to completely support his professional work by working with him to build the business. It’s a very good watch to see what Phil Tippet created himself and collaborated with others to make. The movie emphasizes the dedication needful when one works within the entertainment industry. Overall, a terrific watch. 

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Phil Tippett’s lifelong and substantial contributions to the entertainment industry receive a thorough documentation. 

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Thank you to Directors Gilles Penso and Alexandre Poncet for directing effort. Thank you to Producer Alexandre Poncet for making the film possible. Cast include: Joe Dante, Jon Davison, Chuck Duke, Dennis Muren, Phil Tippett, and Paul Verhoeven. 

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Yes. Enlightening, educational, and entertaining. Very well-done documentary. Great work for all involved in production. 

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