THE INDIAN FIGHTER (Theatrical Release USA 1955)

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The Indian Fighter
—simple 1955 Kirk Douglas western movie—runs with Walter Matthau and Lon Chaney Jr. It’s an interesting study of 1950 classic western content and the audiences who would be attracted to this writing style for entertainment. It’s an overall interesting watch that allows Douglas to drive the storyline. Good afternoon entertainment that could also run as good background at a party. 

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A wagon train leader must keep peace with native Americans to protect his wagon train. 

Additional Thanks 

Thank you to Director Andre de Toth for directing effort. Thank you to Producer William Schorr for making the film possible. Characters/Cast include: Johnny Hawks (Kirk Douglas), Onahti (Elsa Martinelli), Wes Todd (Walter Matthau), Susan Rogers (Diana Douglas), Captain Trask (Walter Abel),  Chivington (Lon Chaney Jr.), Red Cloud (Eduard Franz), Will Crabtree (Alan Hale Jr.), Briggs (Elisha Cook), Morgan (Ray Teal), Tommy Rogers (Michael Winkelman), Lieutenant Blake (William Phipps), Grey Wolf (Harry Landers), and Crazy Bear (Hank Worden). 

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? Yes? No? Maybe? 

Yes. The movie is a classic study on western movie productions in the 1950s. Overall, it serves the western movie fan well. 

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