ELIZABETH AND MARGARET: LOVE AND LOYALTY (Television Release World-Wide 2020)

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Elizabeth and Margaret: Love and Loyalty—terrific documentary—thoroughly examines familial relationships, duty, and loyalty at the national leadership level by plumbing the depths of the relationship of two sisters and the difficult decisions that must be made to serve duty over person. Interesting, entertaining, and educational, it’s a keen presentation that has carefully thought through the difficulties of harmonizing royal life.

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The relationship between two royal sisters gets thorough investigation in this documentary. 

Additional Thanks 

Thank you to Directors Lucy Swingler and Stephanie Wessell for directing effort. Thank you to Executive Producer Emily Dalton for making the film possible. Characters/cast include: Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II-Self(Queen Elizabeth II), Self-Princess Margaret Countess of Snowdon-Self (Princess Margaret),Princess Margaret's Authorized Biographer-Self (Christopher Warwick), Royal Historian-Self (Kate Williams), Royal Historian-Self (Hugo Vickers), Editor of Majesty Magazine and Royal Biographer-Self (Ingrid Seward), Royal Historian-Self (Ed Owens), Historian-Self (Onyeka Nubia), and Former Appeals Director NSPCC-Self (Giles Pegram). 

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Yes. This exceptionally professional presentation serves WOW! in both education and entertainment departments. Deepens appreciation for lifestyles and values of leading families. 

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