ATLAS SHRUGGED: PART I (Theatrical Release USA 2011)

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Atlas Shrugged: Part I—
a movie for the intellectual and academic audience—has a script that plays to the employer and the importance of good leadership rather than to the employed. It is an important film, but because most persons are of the latter class, the masses may be unprepared for its point of view and miss the import of its well written and unusual script.

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Big business leaders and innovators join forces and walk out on their corporations leaving them to struggle without knowledgeable leadership and direction with terrifying consequences.

Additional Thanks

Thank you to Director Paul Johansson for directing effort. Thank you to Executive Producers Howard Baldwin, Karen Elise Baldwin, Mike Marvin, and Ed Snider for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast include: Dagny Taggart (Taylor Schilling), Henry Rearden (Grant Bowler), James Taggart (Matthew Marsden), Eddie Willers (Edi Gathegi), Francisco D’Anconia (Jsu Garcia), Ellis Wyatt (Graham Beckel), Orren Boyle (Jon Polito), Paul Larkin (Patrick Fischler), Lillian Rearden (Rebecca Wisocky), and Wesley Mouch (Michael Lerner).

Buy a ticket? Yes? No? Maybe?

Yes. The movie tailors itself to an elite audience who can appreciate its high appeal to let large business be free to run as it will without government interference. This movie and its two sequels lost money at box office, but the informational script runs as an important, need to know fact sheet on what can happen in a dystopian society or in any society, for that matter, when government regulates large businesses too closely.

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