GUNS OF THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN (Theatrical Releease USA 1969)

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Guns of the Magnificent Seven
teams with George Kennedy to play the part of this story’s main character, Chris. George Kennedy lends a rougher interpretation for the leading character which is welcomed as it adds more realism to this film, but the film seems more run-of-the-mill than its predecessor even though the action scenes show improvement. This movie serves the western fan and will be enjoyed within its genre.

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A Mexican revolutionary travels to hire an American gunslinger to help the revolutionary cause.

Additional Thanks

Thank you to Director Paul Wendkos for directing effort. Thank you to Producer Vincent M. Fennelly for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast include: Chris (George Kennedy), Levi (James Whitmore), Keno (Monte Markham), Max (Reni Santoni), Cassie (Bernie Casey), P.J. (Scott Thomas), Slater (Joe Don Baker), Emil (Tony Davis), Colonel Diego (Michael Ansara), and Lobero (Frank Silvera).

Buy a ticket? Yes? No? Maybe?

Maybe. A bona fide western fan will want to watch the film as it is part of the series, but the first film, The Magnificent Seven tops all the sequels to date.

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