DELIRIOUS (Theatrical Release USA 1991)

Ben Meyers’ rating: 4.2|5.0 Starsìììì

not the best John Candy movie—somehow works despite its rather mundane script and several serious breaks in its story due to lack of adequate transitioning between many scenes. It works on two levels: 1) the casting department’s choices and 2) Director Tom Mankiewicz’ ability to work within the fantasy comedy genre.

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A television serial writer, after a disagreement with a show’s producers, enters a surreal life where he has the power to direct outcomes by writing them.

Additional Thanks

Thank you to Director Tom Mankiewicz for directing effort. Thank you to Executive Producer Richard Donner for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast include: Jack Gable (John Candy), Janet Dubois/Louise (Mariel Hemingway), Rachel Hedison/Laura Claybourne (Emma Samms), Carter Hedison (Raymond Burr), Blake Hedison (Dylan Baker), Ty Hedison (Charles Rocket), Dr. Paul Kirkwood/Dennis (David Rasche), Nurse Helen Caldwell (Andrea Thompson), Mickey (Zach Grenier), and Lou Sherwood (Jerry Orbach).

Buy a ticket? Yes? No? Maybe?

Yes. The film lost serious money at box office and due to poor critic reviews has a low profile. But, for John Candy buffs, the film works. Another film about writers that expresses itself at a higher level of entertainment value is Will Ferrell and Emma Thompson’s Stranger Than Fiction.

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