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The Soul of Success: The Jack Canfield Story—short documentary film—serves more as a motivational movie than as a real documentary. Very little dialogue focuses on his personal life while most of the movie focuses on achievement of monetary wealth rather than building a well-rounded life that leads to true success. Very little is said about the time investment it takes to sustain his current business. One does not get to know who Jack Canfield is. The movie depreciates relatability and therefore depreciates in entertainment value. Part of this may be due to the limit of 54 minutes for this watch.  The film lacks POP due to the lack of personality development. The movie lacks aura and loses much charm that could have reached the larger audience. It would have been wonderful to see more family photos of his wife, his children, and his mother, his father and step-father despite their personal challenges.

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Jack Canfield’s rise to fortune. 

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Thank you to Director Nick Nanton for directing effort. Thank you to Executive Producers John Bretthauer, J.W. Dicks, Tamara Magalotti, Sussi Mattsson, Nick Nanton, and Sophia Stavron. Cast: Jack Canfield, his wife, his CEO, and a few friends.  

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Yes. Despite this being a short film and not having enough time to fully flesh out this wonderful story, it is worth watching to see what Jack Canfield has done to be successful. 

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