EL DORADO (Theatrical Release USA 1967)

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El Dorado is probably one of John Wayne’s best works since The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. El Dorado uses some of the best western talent from the 1950s and 1960s to create one outstanding western: John Wayne, James Caan, Robert Mitchum, Edward Asner, and Arthur Hunnicutt. This is a great script and storyline; the portrayal is well done

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An argument over water rights turns into a vicious battle that includes hiring a gunfighter.

Additional Thanks

Thank you to Director Howard Hawks for directing effort. Thank you to Producer Howard Hawks for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast include: Cole Thornton (John Wayne), Sheriff J.P. Harrah (Robert Mitchum), Mississippi (James Caan), Maudie (Charlene Holt), Dr. Miller (Paul Fix), Bull (Arthur Hunnicutt), Joey MacDonald (Michele Carey), Kevin MacDonald (R.G. Armstrong), Bart Jason (Edward Asner), Nelse McLeod (Christopher George), and Maria (Marina Ghane). 

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Yes. For western movie fans and for those not so inclined, this is an excellent watch. Don’t miss it.

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