FLYING TIGERS (Theatrical Release USA 1942)

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The Flying Tigers—John Wayne war movie—allows John Wayne to perform at a much higher level than he did in the war movie, The Longest Day. This movie is more believable and has all around better acting. While the air fight scenes are a bit archaic, the movie still moves along well and earns an afternoon watch or serves well as a background film to run during a party.

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A small vignette from the famous World War II Flying Tigers fighting group.

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Thank you to Director David Miller for directing effort. Thank you to Associate Producer Edmund Grainger for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast include: Captain Jim Gordon (John Wayne), Woody Jason (John Carroll), Brooke Elliott (Anna Lee), Hap Davis (Paul Kelly), Alabama Smith (Gordon James), Verna Bales (Mae Clarke), Colonel Lindsay (Addison Richards), Blackie Bales (Edmund MacDonald), Dale (Bill Shirley), and Reardon (Tom Neal). 

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 Maybe. It’s an easy-on-the mind film that allows the viewer to take a small break and come back to continue the watch later while still following the story well. John Wayne seems to perform best within the western genre in films like The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance or El Dorado. But this war film works at a little higher level of entertainment than many of his war films.

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