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Marilyn Monroe Declassified does not gives its audience the confidence that the information provided comes from declassified files as the movie title suggests. The movie still leaves the audience with an obscure picture of Marilyn’s life story as well as the reason for her death. The movie, despite its interesting presentation and many contributors to content, begs the question, what was her life really like and how much does the movie add to what is already known about this actress? The research used to support the documentary format leaves one with an ‘unconfirmed’ status and one walks away feeling a bit cheated that nothing is truly resolved, and it refines itself into a juxtaposition of various opinions.

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A documentary about the life, work, and early death of Marilyn Monroe.

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Thank you to Director Paul Davids for directing effort. Thank you to Producers Paul and Hollace Davids for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast include: Albert Babbitt, Holly Beavon, DonaldBurleson, Chuck Caplinger, Brian Chanes, Timothy Cooper, L.J Dopp, C.O.Erickson,  Pamela Mora, Philippe Mora, John Gilmore, Pete Hammond, Rob Lowe, and David Marshall.

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Yes. But, to get a rounded feel for Ms.Monroe’s personality, watch the 2011 movie, My Week With Marilyn.

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