LUTHER (Released on YouTube USA 2017)

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Luther—short film—gives a trimmed history of the life of Martin Luther from the period when he devoted his time to the spiritual life to the development of Protestantism. The animation is computer generated with a slight look and feel of Claymation. This short film provides a straight-forward story line that is well-ordered and easily understood and works as an excellent, non-taxing history lesson that is memorable and can serve both the child and adult. The characters are completely relatable, non-challenging, and allow focus on the storyline due to the friendliness of their appearance. Great work for all involved. A completely professional presentation that welcomes its audience while teaching.

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 Martin Luther makes a promise to God that has far-reaching effect on the development of Christianity.

Additional Thanks

Thank you to Magnus Møller for directing effort. Thank you to Producer Peter Smith for making the film possible and to Tumbleweed Animation Studio for providing facilities for this production.

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Yes. This short film provides a 4 minute 29 second history lesson on Martin Luther, his proclamation list, the circumstances surrounding his decision to become a monk, and the result.

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