BODYGUARDS AND ASSASSINS (Theatrical Release China 2009)

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Bodyguards and Assassins—marks itself with WOW! fight scenes—needs a good plotline read before viewing to enhance enjoyment of a good film and to be able to piece together some of the more obscure pieces of this story before the end of the movie when it begins tying loose threads together. Which is okay to tie up loose ends at the end of a mystery, but for this film it would have been nicer if one could have been informed before the end of the film.

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An activist wants to overthrow China’s Qing ruling class only to find that he needs bodyguards to protect him from Qing assassins.

Additional Thanks

Thank you to Director Teddy Chan for directing the film. Thank you to Executive Producers  Sanping Han, Tang Jia-Yin, Rui Gang Li, Bai Ling, Edward Su Ning Tian, Dong Yu, Jiang Zhong, and Li Zhou for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast include: Li Yue-Tang (Xuegi Wang), Professor Chen Xiao-Bai (Tony Ka Fai Leung), Yan Xiao-Guo (Jun Hu), Li Chung-Guang (Edison Wang), Ah Si (Nicholas Tse), Sum Chung-Yang (Donnie Yen), Yuet-yu (Bingbing Fan), Fang Hong (Yuchun Li), Wang Fu Ming (Mengke Bateer), Prince Lau Luk-Yak (Leon Lai), Detective Smith (Eric Tsang), Henchman (Cung Le), Sun Yat Sen (Hanyu Zhang), and General Fang Tian (Simon Yam). 

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Yes. The acting and the fight scenes make this film worth both you time and money. 

*Also known as Shi yue wei cheng

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