CLIFFORD’S REALLY BIG MOVIE (Theatrical Release USA 2004)

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Clifford's Really Big Movie—good film that almost reminds one of a classic Disney animation—has Clifford, Cleo, T-bone, and Emily Elizabeth characters from the original book line. The movie has great, simple animation that follows the original children's book well. The movie is not too loud, too busy, or too noisy, The film portrays the original children's book intent with faithfulness and runs on that same simple, straightforward storyline. Wonderfully clean watch for families.

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Clifford runs away and joins the carnival. 

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Thank  you to Director Robert Ramirez for directing effort. Thank you to Producer Deborah Forte for making the film possible. Characters/cast include: Clifford (John Ritter), Shackelford (Wayne Brady), Emily (Grey DeLisle), Dorothy (Jenna Elfman), George Wolfsbottom (John Goodman), Larry Gablegobble), Dirk (Jess Harnell), T-Bone (KelMitchell), Sheriff Lewis (Nick Jameson), Madison Wolfsbottom (kath Soucie), Charley (Oren Williams), Cleo (Cree Summer), and Rodrigo (Wilmer Valderrama). 

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Yes. This is a great children’s movie and tells the story of the Big Red Dog, Clifford, well.

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