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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty—comical—showcases the talents of actor Danny Kaye. The movie has moved into an academic study arena for anyone studying Danny Kaye or the artistic efforts of others involved in the entertainment industry who helped make this film possible.

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Walter Mitty escapes his real life through imagination. 

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Thank you to Director Norman Z. McLeod) for directing effort. Thank you to Producer Samuel Goldwyn for making the film possible. Characters/cast include: Walter Mitty (Danny Kaye), Rosalind van Hoorn (Virginia Mayo), Dr. Hollingshead (Boris Karloff), Mrs. Eunice Mitty (Fay Bainter), Bruce Pierce (Thurston Hall), Gertrude Griswald (Ann Rutherford), Tubby Wadsworth (Gordon Jones), Mrs. Griswald (Florence Bates), Peter van Hoorn (Konstantin Shayne), Colonel (Reginald Denny), Hendrick (Henry Corden), Mrs. Leticia Follinsbee (Doris Lloyd), Anatole (Fritz Feld), Maasdam (Frank Reicher), and The Butler (Milton Parsons). 

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Yes. The movie serves perfectly as a movie to run in the background at a party or to view as a light afternoon watch. For a stronger and more entertaining version of a similar story with the same name watch Ben Stiller’s 2013 interpretation of Walter Mitty.

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