CAST A GIANT SHADOW (Theatrical Release USA 1966)

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Cast a Giant Shadow—unusual movie—tells the exodus story from a different viewpoint than the movie Exodus. The story of military man Colonel David Marcus (Kirk Douglas) and his involvement in that process easily earns its watch. This movie enhances the difficulties surrounding the 1948 establishment of the nation of Israel. Look for the all-star cast.

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A story about an American man serving militarily in the 1948 Israeli-Arab conflict.

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Thank you to Director Melville Shavelson for directing effort. Thank you to Producer Melville Shavelson for making the film possible. Characters/cast include: David Marcus (Kirk Douglas), Emma Marcus (Ange Dickinson), Magda Simon (Senta Berger), Major Safir (James Donald), Asher (Yul Brynner), Ram Oren (Stathis Giallelis), General Mike Randolph (John Wayne), Vince Talmadge (Frank Sinatra), Jacob Zion (Luther Ader), Andre Simon (Michael Shillo), Mrs. Chaison (Ruth White), Rona (Rina Ganor), McAffee (Gordon Jackson), and Abou Ibn Kader (Topol).

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Yes. This is a good rendition of this conflict, but Exodus serves the purpose at a higher level.

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