RED JOAN (Theatrical Release UK 2018)

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Red Joan—interesting but not the best of stories—tells a fictional account of a woman found guilty of espionage in passing atomic bomb development secrets to Russia post WW II. Judi Dench once again shows her outstanding acting abilities in the scenes in which she appears. The story is a rough watch that revolves around her romantic involvements more than her educational accomplishments. It seems rather demeaning for educated females as it demotes the female mind to romance rather than real academic accomplishment.

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 A young Cambridge physics major works on an atomic bomb project and becomes involved in intrigue.

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Thank you to Director Trevor Nunn for directing effort. Thank you to David Parfitt for making the film possible. Characters/cast include: Joan Elizabeth Stanley (Judi Dench), Ms. Hart (Nina Sosanya), Leo Galich (Tom Hughes), Sonya (Tereza Srbova), Professor Max Davis (Stephen Campbell Moore), Attoryney Nick Stanley (Ben Miles), Freddie Gaminara, Patrick Adams (Laurence Spellman), and Peter Kjeri (Stephen Boxer).

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Yes. This a somewhat a good watch despite numerous sexual references and scenes.

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