INTO THE INFERNO (Netflix Release USA 2016)

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Into the Inferno—Werner Herzog documentary—Wow! Bravo! Top Notch in its presentation, thoroughness, camera work. The documentary weaves the past, the present, and the future into one seamless, unapologetic bond. It acknowledges the reckless along with the wise. It uplifts folklore and binds it with science. It unites the spectacular with the sufficient. The documentary establishes reality of our world, polarity, and makes it all...all right…the ways we cope according to our understanding. It takes a dip into the late Maurice and Katia Krafft’s lives while allowing Clive Oppenheimer full access to living explication…uniting death with life. This is an amazing piece of work…pragmatic is too weak of a word to describe this amazing work. This movie works at a high level of culture and offsets it with the mundane. Watch for the tour of North Korea…even that inclusion is an artistic juxtaposition of power with power-less-ness.

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A thorough look at vulcanism from the scientific viewpoint, from the religious viewpoint, and from the ‘facts known’ viewpoint. 

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Thank you to Director Werner Herzog for directing effort. Thank you to Producers André Singer and Lucki Stipetic for making the film possible. 

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Yes. This documentary does a beautiful job of weaving the past with the present and the future in one seamless, timeful presentation that neither offends nor apologizes. It accomplishes unification of opposites with no messages attached...artistically creative with the most unlikely of subject matter.

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