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Hurricane Season—impactful movie—shows a great performance by Forest Whitaker. The story, well-written and put together well, completely earns its watch.

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A New Orleans coach rebuilds a sports team after Hurricane Katrina.

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Thank you to Director Tim Story for directing effort. Thank you to Producers Raymond Brothers and Scott Glassgold for making the film possible. Characters/cast include: Al Collins (Forest Whitaker), JJ Coleman (Jackie Long), Dayna Collins (Taraji Henson), Alana Collins (China Anne McClain), Coach Buddy Simmons (Isaiah Washington), Principal Durant (avid Willis (Khleo Thomas), Brian Randolph (Robbie Jones), Lamont Johnson (Lil Wayne), Coach Frank Landon (Michael Gaston), Mr. Randolph (Courtney Vance), Grandma Rose (Irma Hall), and Spencer’s Father (Marcus L. Brown).

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Yes. The movie works through the emotions that engender tenacity, loyalty to community, and team effort to rebuild when all is lost. The movie provides excellent after viewing discussion between family members.

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