GAMERA VS GYAOS * (Theatrical Release Japan 1967)

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Gamera vs Gyaos—third film in the series—does not perform as well as the first film in the series. The Gamera and the Gyaos seem archaic, but the whole of the movie has been put together well with its simple action scenes. If one has followed the series up to this movie, an audience may be quite bored with the whole monster versus monster concept and prefer watch a good Japanese family anime flick.

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Gamera fights Gyaos. 

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Thank you to Director Noriaki Yuasa for directing effort. Thank you to Producers Hidemasa Nagata and Kazumasa Nakano for making the film possible. Characters/cast include: Shiro Tsutsumi (Kojiro Hongo), Tatsuemon Kanamura (Kichijiro Ueda), Sumiko Kanamura (Reiko Kasahara), Mite-no-Tetsu (Taro Marui), Hachikō (Yukitaro Hotaru), Dr. Aoki (Yoshiro Kitahara), Self Defense General (Akira Natsuki), and District Police Commissioner (Kenji Natsuki). 

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Yes. The movie has good English subtitles and it does follow through well with the traditional Japanese monster movies like Godzilla.

* Also Known As Daikaijû kûchûsen: Gamera tai Gyaosu

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