XICO’S JOURNEY (Theatrical Release Mexico 2020)

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Xico’s Journey—animation—relies on lovely authentic scene settings that one may find in smaller Mexican villages. Read a plotline before going to increase understanding of the movie. A child may need explanation of the concept of fracking. The adult environmental/land development theme may need explication for the younger child. The movie title seems manipulative as it does not adequately represent this movie's intent and main theme. The movie has three main storyline drivers that create discord and confusion. It is not so much an entertainment animation as a message film. 

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Fracking, business entrepreneurs, and magical events combine to establish justice for a small Mexican village. 

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Thank you to Director Eric Cabello Diaz for directing effort. Thank you to Producers Cristina Pinedar, Fernando de Fuentes, and José Garcia de Letona for making the film possible. Characters/cast include: Xico (Pablo Gama Iturrarán), Copi (Verónica Alva), Carmen (Verónica Castro), Nana Petra (Lila Downs), Señor Caradura (Randy Ebright), Don Viejo (Enrique Guzmán), Don Manuel (Daniel Habif), Tlacuache (Alex Lora), Lupita (Carla Medina), Cuca (Elena Poniatowska), Previer (José Miguel Pérez-Porrúa Suárez), Tochtli (Marco Antonio Solis), and Venado Azul (Victor Trujillo). 

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Yes. Adults may find this a good anthropological study as it mirrors an underlying cultural view that can easily be followed despite the heavy overlay of messaging from sources outside of that culture. Adults may find it mildly charming due to the quite authentic scene settings.

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