WATCH OUT, WE’RE MAD * (Theatrical Release Spain 1974)

 Ben Meyers’ rating: 4.2|5.0 Starsìììì 

Watch Out, We’re Mad—classic Terrence Hill and Bud Spencer Italian film—serves sequences of light comedy and action mixed into a great, original storyline. The movie serves the whole family with clean, likable, and fresh entertainment. The film is just right in almost every way. This simple movie has spunk. Don’t miss it. It deserves investment of entertainment time and money. 

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Two rally racers tie for the prize of a single dune buggy and the adventure begins as they vie for who should own it. 

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Thank you to Director Marcello Fondato for directing effort. Thank you to Producer Mario Cecchi Gori for making the film possible. Characters/cast include: Kid (Terence Hill), Ben (Bud Spencer), Boss (John Sharp), DonaldPleasence (Doctor), Attila (Deogracias Huerta), Jeremias (LuisBarbero), Liza (Patty Shepard), Paganini (Mauel de Blas), Choir Director (Emilio Laguna), Rafael Albaicin, Giancarlo Bastianoni), RobertoAlessandri, Pretty Girl 1(Ada Pometti), Jose Yepes, Pretty Girl 2(Ines Morales), JoseLuis Lizalde, Thug (Omero Capanna), Boxer (Giovanni Cianfriglia), and Thug 2 (Rémy Julienne). 

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Yes. Great watch, very likeable characters. Wonderful, simple movie. 

* Also Known As: Pazi da ne bude guzve 

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