WASP NETWORK (Theatrical Release France 2020)

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Wasp Network—political drama—involves Cubans who do not fully integrate into United States culture and continue an on-going battle with their homeland. The movie, put together well, turns into a good watch.

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Cuban refugees get caught up in political homeland drama  while using Florida as a base of operations. 

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Thank you to Director Olivier Assayas for directing effort. Thank you to Producers Charles Gillibert and Rodrigo Teixeira for making the film possible. Characters/cast include: Olga Salanueva-Gonzalez (Penelope Cruz), Rene Gonzalez (Edgar Ramirez), Juan Pablo Roque (Wagner Moura), Gerardo Hernandez (Gael Garcia Bernal), Ana Margarita Martinez (Ana de Armas), Jose Basulto (Leonardo Sbaraglia), Raul Cruz Leon (Nolan Guerra Fernandez), Irma Gonzalez (Osdeymi Pastrana), Luis Posada Carriles (Tony Plana), Pilot (Julian Flynn), Adriana (Anel Perdomo), Cousin (Julio Gabay), and Tete (Amanda Morado). 

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Yes. Well done story about Cuban refugees, their continued involvement in their homeland politics, and their political activities in Florida becomes an interesting adult watch. Some nudity and sexual references.

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