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Land Before Time XIV: Journey of The Brave finally pushes the Land Before Time animated feature into a 4.0/5.0 Star rating. The series continually improved over time and has earned the higher rating based upon improvement in animation, storyline, script dialogue, relevant music placed correctly for impact with only one song (the one played at the stinkweed pool) needing reworking. There is some discourse occurring that there will be another Land Before Time movie which, if the trend of upward quality continues, may be outstanding.

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 The baby dinosaurs take on another adventure.

Additional Thanks

Thank you to Directors Davis Doi and Tony Tulipano for directing effort. Thank you to Executive Producers George Chang, Oliver Guse, Lee Hsu, Enni Hsueh, and Bunis Yang for making the film possible. Narrator (Voice of Tony Amendola), Littlefoot (Voice of Felix Avitia), Chomper (Voice of Isaac Ryan Brown), Ruby (Meghan Strange), Mr. Threehorn (Voice of George Ball), Ducky/Digger (voice of Aria Noelle Curzon), Petrie (Voice of Jeff Bennett), and Cera (Anndi McAfee). 

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Yes. This animated feature is the best in the series to date and serves as a good, clean watch for children. The entire series does serve teaching of good ethics and care for others and can be chosen as no need for parental supervision due to an unexpected inuendo or questionable scene.

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