THE BEAUTICIAN AND THE BEAST (Theatrical Release USA 1997)

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The Beautician and the Beast—cute and simple—relies heavily on scenes from other movies especially the film, The Sound of Music. Because Fran Drescher, the main actress in this movie, works so differently than Julie Andrews, the actress in The Sound of Music, the similarities between the two stories are more obtuse and subtle. That difference creates a movie is a light, earthy, easy to follow story that requires little mental involvement to absorb. Watch for Timothy Dalton playing the role of Boris Pochenko. 

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An American beautician, mistaken for a teacher, goes to Europe to teach a dictator’s children.

Additional Thanks

Thank you to Director Ken Kwapis for directing effort. Thank you to Executive Producers Roger Birnbaum, Fran Drescher, and Peter Marc Jacobson for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast include: Joy Miller (Fran Drescher), Boris Pochenko (Timothy Dalton), Ira Grushinsky (Ian McNeice), Leonid Kleist (Patrick Malahide), Katrina Pochenko (Lisa Jakub), Jerry Miller (Michael Lerner), Judy Miller(Phyllis Newman), Masha Pochenko (Heather DeLoach), Karl Pochenko (Adam LaVorgna), and Yuri Pochenko (Kyle Wilkerson).

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Yes. This movie is worth an afternoon watch when one desires easy entertainment with light emotional involvement.

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