S.W.A.T. (Theatrical Release USA 2003)

Ben Meyers’ rating: 4.2|5.0 Starsìììì

—great Samuel L. Jackson and Colin Farrell film—has charisma and creates interest. It’s worth its watch.

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A European drug lord creates havoc for a Los Angeles special ops team.

Additional Thanks

Thank you to Clark Johnson for directing effort. Thank you to Executive Producer Louis D’Esposito for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast include: Sergeant Dan Harrelson (Samuel L. Jackson), Jim Street (Colin Farrell), Chris Sanchez (Michelle Rodriguez), Deacon Kaye (LL Cool J), T.J. McCabe (Josh Charles), Brian Gamble (Jeremy Renner), Michael Boxer (Brian Van Holt), Alex Montel (Olivier Martinez), Lieutenant Greg Velasquez (Reg Cathey), and Captain Thomas Fuller (Larry Poindexter).

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Yes. Good watch.

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