STRATEGIC AIR COMMAND (Theatrical Release USA 1955)

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Strategic Air Command seems to be a message movie, but it seems a bit unclear what the real message is. Because the United States is becoming involved in Vietnam in 1955, it may have been a movie created to appeal to a young male audience and to build a desire to be involved in air warfare. The movie earns a watch for James Stewart and June Allyson fans as an academic study of these two actors. Know that the film is limited to its decade.

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The United States Air Force recalls 2 friends for service.

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Thank you to Director Anthony Mann for directing effort. Thank you to Producer Samuel J. Briskin for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast include: Lieutenant Colonel Robert Holland (James Stewart), Sally Holland (June Allyson), General Ennis C. Hawkes (Frank Lovejoy), Lieutenant Colonel Rocky Samford (Barry Sullivan), Ike Knowland (Alex Nicol), General Espy (Bruce Bennett), Tom Doyle (Jay C. Flippen), Major General Castle (James Millican), Reverend Dr. Thorne (James Bell), and Mrs. Thorne (Rosemary DeCamp). 

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Yes. Know that: The story works slowly with repeated views of the airplanes that are being flown. This piece of entertainment shows its age and does not cross the decades to serve universal entertainment needs.

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