PARADISE, HAWAIIAN STYLE (Theatrical Release USA 1966)

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Paradise, Hawaiian Style
—Elvis Presley movie—is a typical musical featuring Elvis. Be prepared to hear some great singing in an easy-on-the-mind film that presents a flirtatious Elvis turned loose in Hawaii. Not a high-quality film, by any means, but serves healthy portions of this mega-star on screen.

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A pilot decides to go into business for himself and finds himself in romantic difficulties as he romances island beauties.

 Additional Thanks

Thank you to Director Michael Moore for directing effort. Thank you to Executive Producer Joseph Hazen for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast include: Rick Richards (Elvis Presley), Judy Hudson(Suzanna Leigh), Danny Kohana (James Shigeta), Jan Kohana (Donna Butterworth), Lani Kaimana (Marianna Hill), Pua (Irene Tsu), Lehua Kawena (Linda Wong), Joanna (Julie Parrish), Betty Kohana (Jan Shepard), and Mr. Belden (John Doucette).

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Yes. Fun afternoon watch.

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