OUTBACK RABBIS (Theatrical Release USA 2018)

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Outback Rabbis has potential to increase understanding about a culture that is not generally understood by the general public. It is difficult, however, to understand why this documentary has been made (its purpose) and released to the public when it is made clear that 'want to be' converts to this lifestyle are not encouraged to convert. But, the film does allow some insight, through great interviews, into the Ultra-Orthodox mindset. The movie, on a whole, however, seems more alienating than creating truly welcoming pathways. It invites a select few while seeming to push away the general masses. This is not its intention, but it seems the outcome of the presentation.

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Rabbis travel through Australia looking for ‘lost’ Jews.

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Thank you to Rabbi Danny Ben-Moshe for directing effort.

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Yes. This film increases knowledge about a different culture and is well done due to its faithful following of its main characters on a road trip through Australia. The film shows diligence of purpose...finding lost Jews...and a spiritual life rigorously maintained even in the face of its obscurity of purpose in making the movie.

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