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The Land Before Time VIII: The Big Freeze becomes the first in this series to earn a 4.0 rating from Ben Meyers International Movie Critics. Under the direction of Director Charles Grosvenor, the series has consistently raised its entertainment value. It’s truly wonderful to see this series progress and raise itself from barely a child’s watch to something that can be a child/adult share. This series is a good academic study on the value of well-chosen directors. The Land Before Time VIII: The Big Freeze earns its watch.

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The dinosaurs sing songs while enduring cold weather.

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Thank you to Director Charles Grosvenor for directing effort. Thank you to Producer Charles Grosvenor for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast include: Narrator (Voice of John Ingle), Ducky (Voice of Aria Noelle Curzon), Spike (Voice of Rob Paulsen), Littlefoot (Voice of Thomas Dekker), Cera (Voice of Anndi McAfee), Petrie (Voice of Jeff Bennett), Ducky’s Mom (Voice of Tress MacNeille), Tippy’s Mom )Voice of Susan Krebs), Tippy (Voice of Jeremy Suarez), Grandpa Longneck (Kenneth Mars), Grandma (Voice of Miriam Flynn).

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Yes. This is the best in the Land Before Time series to date. It will be interesting to compare the next in the series, Land Before Time IX: Journey to the Big Water, to see how high in rating assignment this series can earn. Director Charles Grosvenor has significantly improved the series of stories. The music, the animation, the voicing, the storyline work seamlessly to provide good entertainment.

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